Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Momentous Occasion

Today is a momentous occasion in our family. It is something the kids (teenage twins) have been saving for and looking forward to for over a year. Recently, they've actually been counting down the days.

They are getting cell phones.

No, they're not getting their first cell phones. They've had cell phones for over a year. Eighteen months, to be exact.

When they got their first cell phones, they were overjoyed. My daughter actually sent/received over 1100 text messages in the first THREE DAYS. They had CELL PHONES! They were truly teenagers! They were IN!

It didn't take long, however, for them to notice that some of their friends had better phones than them, with more features. We had all four gotten the free phone du jour.

Now, I have been perfectly happy with the most basic of cell phones in all my 10+ years of having them, and my husband is perfectly happy as long as he can make and receive calls, so we don't really understand this dissatisfaction. (Yes, I text, but do quite well on my number pad and think a full keyboard would just confuse me since it would be too small to actually type.)

Therefore, my philosophy with contract renewal/new equipment is that the free phone is good enough, and any upgrade will come out of their own pockets. So they have been saving and researching phones for at least six months.

So today we will go sign our lives away for another two years and my husband and I will take whatever phone they will give us. Our kids will take their money and buy better phones than ours. And I will be perfectly happy with my free phone.

Until I get to play with theirs a little bit. I already sort of want an iPhone. I blame my kids (and my co-workers).

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