Saturday, July 16, 2011

Project Update: First Week Completed!

We have seen 28 different people this week for reading sessions, all with different levels of English skills. We are expecting at least five more people to start reading with us on Monday. Most of our readers come every day.

Since there are seven of us, our schedule has not been completely full, but that has given us the opportunity to help in other areas. Some of us have been helping with the Basic English class that meets in the mornings. Since the teacher is a native Spanish speaker, it helps to have native English speakers to demonstrate pronunciation.

We have also had time to encourage the evangelistic school students by learning to communicate with them (they teach us a little Spanish and we teach them a little English), singing with them, and playing ping-pong. In addition, we have worked one-on-one with a few people in beginning English. We look forward to more opportunities to help Mission Upreach next week.

Please pray for the other three members of our team, Owen and Austen Corwin, and Morgan Daniel, who are already on their way here, and will arrive in Santa Rosa tomorrow. And of course, please continue to pray for our project and the people we are encountering here.

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