Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well, I can't really say the subject of this post is camp, since I don't exactly know what camp will entail. I'm leaving today, there's over 100 teenagers going (maybe closer to 150), and I think I'm going to be the assistant nurse for the second year running. Maybe when I get back I'll post with a subject of "camp" and it will actually be about camp.

I've been in a remodelling haze and haven't been reading LJ much. I think my bedroom and bathroom are done (except I'm going to have to paint around the shower because I don't have enough wallpaper to patch it). When I get back from camp I have to finish the front bathroom, which means figuring out how to fix the ceiling, finishing the paint job, and replacing the vinyl on the floor. Then I can have the appraisal ordered, and hopefully close quickly on our refinance so we can pay for all this!

I never dreamed we would have our bedroom redone. It's always the last place in the house anyone looks--we keep it closed off when we have guests. We were forced into it because we had to replace the shower, and then the carpet, and I decided I might as well paint and replace the vinyl... Now that it's done, sitting here in my chair looking around makes me feel serene. The carpet and walls are just a neutral toupe, nothing exciting, and the furniture is basically in the same place, but it's nice. I guess it's nice to know it's new (and it doesn't have dog pee in it) and it's satisfying to know I did some of it myself (the painting and the vinyl).

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