Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol

Yes, I'm a fan. I've been watching the last four seasons and I think it's gotten better every year. It's the only TV show I keep up with, and I enjoy watching it and discussing it with my kids.

This year, I remember noticing Adam during the top 36, and every week I became more and more convinced that he would win. He seemed to be on top of his game every single week, and set a standard that, in my opinion, none of the others could reach. He was consistant--consistantly good.

However, all the "girls" at work seemed to like Kris Allen, so I couldn't help taking notice of him. I liked his personality, and he seemed to improve every week. I was surprised the week he beat out Allison to take a place in the top three, but then when he sang "Heartless" with only his guitar the next week I began wondering if he could actually beat the "top two" contestants (Danny and Adam).

I was surprised last night, but not disappointed. Honestly, it was fun to be surprised. I think maybe that's one of the things that keeps me going back to the show year after year.

Did Adam deserve to win instead? (Kris seemed to think so!) Maybe. He was, in my opinion, the only one who was consistantly good every week.

However, it seems to me that Kris improved in skill and confidence to the point that he matched Adam. When Kris did his first audition, Simon actually told him that his lack of self-confidence was off-putting. Kris gained enough confidence on stage to be molded into a star, but at the same time stayed true to his humble personality.

So, from that standpoint, yes, I do think Kris deserved to win. I hope he is very successful. I'll look for his CD. :)

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