Monday, May 4, 2009


The plumbers are on their way over here and I'm trying not to panic. I'm committed now. Yes, the bathtub is cracked, and the unit needs to be replaced, but:

1) We don't have the money sitting around to pay for this. It's going on a credit card on faith that we'll be able to refinance our house when this is all done and get cash out to pay off the credit card.

2) It's going to lead to a lot of work. They'll have to tear out a significant amount of drywall in the bathroom to replace the unit, as well as cut a hole in the dining room to access the plumbing. So the drywall will have to be replaced, then the wallpaper torn off and the walls sanded, primed, and painted, and while we're at it we'll replace the floor and lower the baseboards to where they should be. Then there's repairing the dining room wall. *sigh*

3) Before we can do #2 we're going to have to have the other bathroom repaired so we'll have someplace to bathe, which also involves tearing out and replacing--this time tearing out tile and putting in a shower unit.

So we need to trust that the timing will all work out, the interest rates will stay low, and that our house will appraise high enough for the cash out. Or that God will provide another way for all this to happen.

While praying this morning, I started to make a list to God of all the things I needed, but I quickly gave up and said, "I really don't know what I need, but You do. Please give me what I need. And please help me to listen to You."

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