Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Novel Update

I wrote "THE END" on my novel Sunday.

But I didn't mean it.

I was sort of stuck and staring at the last thing I'd written, and my son sat down beside me and typed, "'You're weird,' he said scornfully."

Then I typed, "Attack of the adverbs!!!!"

Then my daughter typed "LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So I deleted all of that and typed, "THE END" which amused my son.

I'm actually so close I can envision it. (Or taste it, since that's more graphic.) I have one chapter to write and two to finish, and then it will be time to start edits. I'm finding this is a very different process from fanfiction because I posted a chapter at a time then, and didn't have the opportunity to go back and revise from the beginning. The first half of the book has already undergone an extreme makeover, and I'm thinking the second half needs it, too.

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