Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Do list for June

Front bathroom (we've already replaced the tub/shower, had the drywall repaired, and pulled off the wallpaper)
1) Finish sanding the walls
2) Prime the walls
3) Paint the walls
4) Paint the baseboards and door
5) Get the floor replaced
(I actually did this myself!)

Master bedroom and bath
1) Move everything out, including furniture, and figure out where to put it (and where to sleep)
2) Get the shower replaced
3) Paint the bedroom
4) Paint the doors and the baseboards in the bathroom
5) Get the drywall around the shower repaired
6) Patch the wallpaper around the shower
(I actually painted instead)
7) Get the carpet replaced in the bathroom and bedroom
8) Get tile laid in front of the shower
(I actually did this myself!)
9) Move all the furniture back in

1) Go on a mission trip the third week
2) Refinance the mortgage to pay for the remodeling
3) Edit "finished" novel
4) Outline new novel (right now I have almost 20 pages of notes that are so jumbled they're almost incoherant)
5) Keep up with my job, the laundry, and the dishes, as well as entertain my kids who are out of school

Overwhelming? I'm trying not to think about it. Notice I wrote down the thing I did yesterday and crossed it off, even though it's not June yet. That makes me feel a tiny bit better.

I wonder how much my kids can help?? I'm not sure I trust them with the painting, so maybe not much. I think I'm going to make them take over the cooking and dishes, though, and maybe most of the laundry. That will help indirectly. :)

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  1. hey its me caleb maybe you should cross more of those off....